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Handmade Crystal bracelets

Each crystal bracelet is made with love, light and intention for its wearer. It is then cleansed with sage, blessed with Palo Santo and charged with Reiki. If none of this means anything to you it just means it will feel super good to wear and function in your best interest!

Hand crafted solid silver bespoke spacer EE beads.

I carefully choose the beads I use in each bracelet, they are therefore each unique and no one is alike.

Manifest your desires and raise your vibration.

Love, abundance, joy, calm, grounding, protection, courage, happiness, creativity  light, motivation, confidence, connection, communication, balance and peace and so many more! What is your intention?

Chakra love! Which is your favourite_ Fr

Earth Giving Project

With every bracelet order you ll get a quartz to donate back to the Earth!