Who is Elegant Empowerment ?

I am a wife and a mother of two amazing young human beans, a sister to four siblings spread across the world, a daughter to just Dad now and a great friend to some lucky individuals out there!

I have always loved, been curious about and (some say) addicted to crystals, stones and minerals! My husband once said that one day he expects to come home, open the door and be met by a tidal wave of crystals flowing out!!

I have a gift of being able to create with the crystals, bracelets that are full to the brim of love, light and intention. It fills me with great joy to be able to make something that not only looks stunning but that also helps to support and empower an individual. As well as my items for sale here I love to create custom pieces. I tune in and the crystals just call to me, the right combination for that person gets created. 

I am Reiki 2 trained and all the items I send out are charged with Reiki to bring you light, love and healing. I will be expanding my stock range of bracelets as quick as I can but also gradually expanding my shop to include other crystal and magical beauties. Watch this space!


May you enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy creating them! Have a wonderful day full of sunshine, love and light.

Georgie Curnow