This stunning EE Bracelet is made from Aquamarine, Howlite and Clear quartz, with two solid silver EE spacers and a feather charm. A graceful combination of stones of courage, calm and clarity. Aquamarine calms the mind and energies, bringing peace, communication and tranquility. Howlite is extremely calming, aids in ambition and teaches patience. Clear Quartz raises the energy of any crystal or intention that is coupled with it. It is also a master healer. This combination is perfect for relieving anxiety, bringing about peace, courage and strenghting positive traits. Add a little calm courage to your day.


All EE bracelets are handmade with love, intention and intution. They are then cleansed with sacred Sage, blessed with Palo Santo and charged with Reiki, to be only of the greatest and highest good for you!


All EE bracelets come with a small information card and a quartz crystal that you can choose to donate back to the Earth as part of the #EarthGivingProject.


Calm Courage EE Bracelet

  • If a bead is out of stock there will be a minium of 3 weeks for new stock to arrive. I will inform you if this is the case. I am sorry it takes so long for stock to arrive but I source my beads very carefully and good things are worth the wait!